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  • Employment Agreements--Schwab drafts and negotiates employment contracts, executive compensation and management agreements, and restrictive covenants such as “non-compete”, “non-solicitation”, and “confidentiality”.

  • Regulation--Schwab advises regulated companies regarding ongoing compliance obligations and reporting requirements.

  • Business Litigation--Schwab represents clients in contract disputes such as breach of contract, and in business torts such as fraud, misrepresentation, and other commercial tort matters.

  • Real estate transactions--Schwab advises clients in commercial or residential real estate transactions, including reviewing and drafting promissory notes, contracts, Deeds, and Liens.

  • Contracts-Schwab reviews, drafts, and negotiates contracts for all types of commercial transactions.

  • Business Formation--Schwab organizes and forms limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations, professional limited liability companies (PLLCs), professional associations (PAs), partnerships, corporations and other business entities.

  • Governance and Operating Agreements-- Schwab drafts internal governance documents, including operating agreements, shareholders’ agreements, bylaws, rules and regulations, standard operating procedures, and buy-sell agreements.

  • Policies, warranties, and disclaimers--Schwab prepares paper and online manuals, warranties, policies and procedures, disclaimers, terms of use, and privacy policies.


How We Can Help

Schwab provides a wide variety of legal services for business clients. From helping a new company in its formation and growth, to providing an established company with tools needed for growth and success, to advocating and resolving business litigation and disputes, Schwab provides dedication and hard work.

Areas We Cover

Schwab is On Your Side

Business Law

Schwab serves as the legal point of contact for many of our business clients, advising them on a wide variety of legal matters. Schwab builds close relationships with management and leadership, providing a partner’s understanding of the company.